Our Animals for Sale

We are interested in selling a few elk from our herd! We have the following below. 
Please inquire for pricing.

Breed Bulls
Bred Cows & Heifers
Heifer Calves 
Bull Calves  
Bulls (1 & 2 yrs old)  
Shooter Bulls  

Now selling elk for butchering!

& Meat Market Elk

We would be very happy to help anyone interested in getting into the Elk Business with feeding, fencing, and calving programs.  We would be glad to hear from you and answer any questions we can.

For more information about our Ranch, please contact us at the information below. For directions to the ranch, click here.

Tony Beckel
2848 Hawthorn Drive NW Baudette, MN 56623
Kit Beckel
2902 12th St. NW
  Baudette, MN 56623

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